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16mm | 19min | Official Site

Oliver, a retired single parent, comes home from the store to find his autistic daughter, Ana, brutally abused. Taking matters into his own hands, the father sets off on a hunt to reap his revenge.

In the end, my main goal was to tell a story that would not shy from brutal imagery, not try to limit itself with predictable character resolutions, not follow a typical film-act structure, and psychologically push the characters to limitless extents.

“The unsettling cinematography, the non-linear editing, and the emotionally driven performances all played off to me as a beautiful harmonic symphony. A film that is powerful from its story to its final sound mix. Everything worked together really wel and concluded a story that I will never forget.”


  • Written and Directed by Hassan Said
  • Produced by Ryan Lough and Hassan Said
  • Edited by Greg Whitlow
  • Cinematography by Jordan Ashton Danlez
  • Production Design by Olivia Hill
  • Sound Designer/Mixing by Matt Wood


Daniel Higgins, Vanessa Donley, Jesse Mueller.


  • WINNER of the Jury Award for Best Editing at the Big Easy Film Festival.
  • WINNER of the German Independence Award for Best foreign language short film at the Oldenburgh International Film Festival
  • WINNER of the Award of Merit for Short film and Direction - The Accolade Film Awards
  • Official Selection - Reel Heart International Film Festival
  • Official Selection - Queens Film Festival
  • Official Selection - Independents' film festival
  • Official Selection - Jersey Shore Film Festival
  • Official Selection - San Antonio Film Festival
  • Official Selection - Indie Fest USA
  • Official Selection - Atlanta Underground Film Festival.


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