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Quite Deep

HD | 6 min

A dark comedy based on the play "Quite Deep", written by Canadian writer Paul Gitschner.

It starts out just another day at the office for cemetery plot salesman Walter till a disheveled Dickson enters his presentation room. He will require two deep graves. Despite his numerous cell phone call interruptions Dickson discuses his purchase options and Walter tries to meet his new clients curious requirements as Dickson reveals his need is not for himself since he will be leaving the area, but for his wife’s burial and the second grave is to be small and a distance from the first.

Walters offers condolences thinking perhaps a child is involved but they are again interrupted by another of Dickson’s wife’s calls before Dickson corrects him and verifies availability and delivery timing of the graves so that he can go off and commit his crime.


  • Written, Produced and Directed by Hassan Said
  • Edited by Greg Whitlow
  • Cinematography by Phillip Briggs
  • Music by Mark Weiner


Tom Cokenias, Tony McNitt, Julie Day.